About Us

“Bio Bags Nepal Pvt. Ltd.” is located at Bhaktapur, Nepal. We are about to manufacture of 100% compostable/biodegradable products and raw materials which is the best substitute to plastic grocery, carry bags and everyday single use harmful products.

“Bio Bags Nepal Pvt. Ltd.” Products are made from natural starch, vegetable oil derivatives and vegetable waste. Traditionally plastic is made with fossil fuels and chemical fillers that can be harmful to the environment when released the plastic is melted down. With biodegradable plastic, you get a substance made from natural sources that does not contain these fossil fuels and chemical, does not pose the same risk to the environment. Our corporate office is in Bhaktapur, Nepal and we will soon expanding to other cities. Our mission is to make Nepal Plastic Free.

Why Use Compostable Plastics ?

  • Degradation Time
  • Non-Toxic
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Less Energy & Water Usage
  • Financial Benefit
  • Sustainable & Ecofriendly